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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено:26.05.14 13:58.Заголовок:TOP OF ROCK MUSIC For the beginning of 80-th (My individual top)

I give the following Top of groups for the beginning of 80-th, according to LP-s available. I should mention, that the Vynils are produced in the USSR, by Electrecord, Polske Nagranja, Supraphon, Balkanton( Балкантон), Jugoton records, Amiga and other recording firms from the former Communist Countries. Unfortunately, all my LP- disks produced in the West were lost or damaged.
Then, I shall give the Top according to Soviet Copies or Romanian Original disks. I shall introduce some magnetophon bands I have, which actually have much worse quality, due to demagnetisation.

1. Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven, 1970-1971
2. Beatles, A taste of Honey, Melodia Copy from EMI
3. Phoenix, Cantofable, Electrecord, 1975
4. Elvis Presley, That's all right (1954-1958), Melodia Copy
5. Smokie (wth Chris Norman, Piter Spencer), Melodia Copy from the EMI Records
6. Creedence Clearwatter Revival, Traveling Band, Recordings from 1969-1970, Melodia Copy
7. Beatles, A hard days night, Melodia Copy from EMI records
8. Apelsin, Melodia, 1981
9. Grup 74, Electrecord (music 1974, but recorded in 1990)
10. NO TO CO, 1968, Conductor Jerzy Krzemiński, Melodia Copy ( Unfortunately, I have lost the following disks of Polish groups: Ceslaw Niemen, Czerwony Gitarzy, which could be evaluated at the same level of quality)
11. Mondial, By Electrecord, 1971
12. Dawid Bowie, Recordings of 1972, Melodia copy
13. Pink Floyd, records of 1969-1975, By recollection
14. Rock Hotel (1981-1983), Melodia Copy from the Estonian Radio recordings
15. Manfred Man, by recollection
16. Deep Purple, by recollection
17. Beatles Abbey Road
18. Beatles Let It Be
19. Al Di Meola, records of 1973-1980
20. Carlos Santana, records of 1968-1980
21. King Krimson, records of the same years. A Live Concert I have seen and heard recently in Chisinau
22. Noroc, records of 1968-1970
23. Parad Ansambley, I, by Melodia
24. Bielo Dugme, records of 70-th, by Jugoton
25. I recollect also the Czech group Flamingo, but it is worse than Karel Gott. It is worse than Marcela Laiferova also.
26. Mashina Vremeni
27. Unfortunately I have no actually the following disks of Hungarian groups: Hungaria and Locomotiv GT. They could be evaluated at the same level
28. Electric Light Orchestra
29. Eric Gale
30. Emerson, Lake and Palmer, records of 1971-1973
31. Jeff Back, records 1970-1977
32. Yes, magneto bands and lost original disks
33. Tina Turner, magento bands
34. Janis Joplin, magneto bands
35. Udachnyie Priobretenia, by recollection of a live Concert in 1973 at the Moscow State University
36. Voskresenie, by recollection from a Magnetophon band
37 Rubinovaia Ataca, by recollection from a live concert at the Moscow State University during 70-th
38. Queen, magento bands
39. Doors
40 Zubchatyie colesa, Live Concert in Moscow during the same years
41. Uriah Heep, records of 1972-1975, Copy by Melodia
42. Alexei Kozlov's Arsenal, in spite of this band has many Jazz influences, by Melodia
43. ABBA I love much this group for this performane, in spite of it is not rock
44. Progresiv TM, Electrecord
45. Pesnyary, The LP containg Alexandrina, by Melodia
46. Holograf, Electrecord
47. Sincron, Electrecord
48. Die Puhdys, GDR Records,
49. Czerwona Ruta, Conductor Vladimir Ivasiuk, Ukraine, I know this band from songs registered by Sofia Rotaru

I am sorry for some foreign elements introduced in the top, as well for its incompletness. Jazz would be reviewed separately.

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