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ссылка на сообщение  Отправлено:15.11.13 16:43.Заголовок:Goran Bregovic in Chisinau

It was a little bit strange to find nothing about Goran Bregovic in the following Dictionaries and Enciclopaedia[1-7]. I knew about him very little till yesterday when I was at a concert by his band which took place in the National Palace in Chisinau. Before, approximately in 2007 I seen a TV broadcasting with one full concert by his band. I was surprised by the originality of his music and band which that time performed surrounded by a Symphonic Orchestra. Yet without such an orchestra the sound by Goran Bregovic band is very original. Not only the sound is original but His drive is unmitakable, and we can told, that Bregovic had discovered the balcanic Jazz, which is a discovery comparable with the discovery of Jazz at the beginning of XX-th century by Afroamerican Musicians from the New Orleans. The concert in Chisinau was formidable and of total interest from the Chisinau and Moldavian amateurs of music , since all the places at the National Pallace were occupied. Peoples of every ages and occupations could be found in the Pallace, in spite of the tichets that evening were very expensive - up to 150$.

As I recollect, during the 70-th the band "Bjelo Dugme" which played hard rock had between its Musicians Goran Bregovic. I had this LP disk, and I suppose, that it can be found in my flat.

I would like to send my grates to Goran Bregovic and his band for their exceptionale performance in Chisinau.

And I would like to invite Serbians but also other balcanic peoples, to be out of "artileria". I am just now reading the History of Balcanic Wars during 1912-1945 and I was surprised in the bad sence of the word of the great number of Wars in Balkans during this Epoch. Less artileria in Balkans, dear Goran, dear Emir, dear Milan Dimitrijevic, dear Luka Popovic and Zoran Knezevic! Less Wars and more Peace in Balkans, dear Friends!

1. The New Encyclopedia Britannica. Micropaedia, Ready Reference, 2002
2. Enciclopedia Universala Britannica, Ed. Litera, Bucuresti-Chisinau, 2010
3. Bol'shoi Rossiskii Entiklopedicheskij Slovar, Izd-vo Rossiiskoj Entsiklopedii (reprint "Drofa"), 2009. Хорошо, что нашли место хотя бы для Эмира Кустурицы, с которым Брегович и его ансамбль сотрудничал.
4. Dictionar Enciclopedic Nume Proprii, ed. Cartier, Bucuresti, 2004. Bravo pentru Emir Kusturica.
6. Dictionar enciclopedic,in 7 volume, B., ed. Enciclopedica. Bravo pentru Emir Kusturica.
7. Daniela Caraman Fotea si Florian Lungu, Disco Ghid-Rock Ed. Muzicala Bucuresti, straniu, ca nu sa gasit loc pentru grupul lui Bregovic, cu toate ca aceste stie sa spuna si "Noroc" si Lupta continua, iar o parte din piesele lui a fost prelucrari extrem de originale ale cantecelor Mariei Tanase. Pe de asupra membrii formatiei cantau cuplete intregi in romaneste.
8. Calendar National , Ed. Biblioteca Nationala a Republicii Moldova, Acest calendar este extrem de prost, cum se vede.....

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